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Have you decided it’s time to buy a new vehicle? Buying a new car is always an exciting experience, and there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started. One of those things is the budget for your new vehicle. Don’t worry, though, because the staff here at our Chevrolet finance department can help you plan out the budget for a new car. Here at Barton Chevrolet, we’ve got a great selection of new Chevrolet cars for sale as well as pre-owned vehicles. There’s something for every need and financial situation at our New York Chevy dealership.

Of course everyone’s financial situation is unique, but there are some general rules to follow as a buyer. Most people choose to spend between 10%-20% of their annual income on their vehicle. That’s a good rule to go off of when you’re selecting the price point for your new car.

First things first is to consider the total price of the vehicle, regardless of whether or not it’s new or pre-owned. It’s important to note that the “sticker price” of the vehicle is in fact not the total price, so factor in the fees associated with registration, title, and sales tax.

Next, think about other associated costs for your vehicle. This will involve auto insurance, gas, maintenance, repairs, etc. Additionally, you’ll need to determine how much you can spend on monthly car payments. Your monthly payment will be affect by your down payment and the terms of your loan, like your interest rate. That’s why it’s helpful to place as large of a down payment as you possibly can. Another way to mitigate costs involved with buying a new car, is to consider trading in your current vehicle to your local Chevrolet dealer. We are happy to consider older vehicles, and will give you a fair price for them.

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