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There is a wide selection of vehicles to choose from here at Barton Chevrolet. We understand it can be overwhelming finding the Chevrolet that’s right for your driving needs, especially considering all the offered equipment and technology. Our expert staff here at Barton Chevrolet recommends taking a look at some of the safety features available in our vehicles to ensure you’re selecting the one best for your needs.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning is available in many new Chevrolet cars for sale on the market. Essentially, it alerts you to potential lane drift-without you signaling-with alerts. If you do not correct it in time, it gently guides the steering wheel back into your intended path. It also helps prevent potential crashes from unintended lane departures.

Front Automatic Braking

Front automatic braking works by monitoring the vehicles ahead of you in an effort to detect any potential front-end collisions. If a collision is imminent, and you do not brake in time, the system will perform a gentle brake for you. This is certainly useful in stop-and-go traffic conditions and on residential streets.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Using a front-facing camera, adaptive cruise control enhances regular cruise control by automatically adjusting speed in correlation to the vehicle ahead.

To learn more about vehicle safety from the experts here at Barton Chevrolet, visit us as soon as today! Our Chevy dealers serving Newburgh, NY are happy to answer any questions and show you how these features work in person. We look forward to working with you soon!

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