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Even if you’re an experienced driver, road hazards can occur at any time. When you experience these unsafe driving conditions, it’s important that you know how to respond safely to them. There’s no need to worry about driving safer, since our staff at Barton Chevrolet put together a list of some of the most common road hazards and how to handle them.

Children and Animals: If you only drive in residential areas, you might believe there aren’t many road hazards. However, one of the most common road hazards is pedestrian activity. Small children and pets can be a particular danger to drivers. It’s important that you remain alert when you see children biking or playing alongside the road. The best thing to do is practice extreme caution and follow the speed limit.

Bad Road Conditions: The most common road hazard is completely unavoidable for drivers. Bad road conditions and bad weather affect everyone. Unfortunately, there’s no way to escape inclement weather except staying home. If you do have to drive when road conditions are bad, just remember to keep your wipers and fog lights on, and lean into the brakes slowly on slick surfaces.

Driving with Larger Vehicles: It’s normal to feel uncomfortable driving around large vehicles, since they can make drivers feel trapped. To try to feel safer around large vehicles, remain far away from their blind spots so they can easily see you. If possible, you can even change lanes to avoid getting close to them.

We can teach you everything you need safely dealing with road hazards; however, the worst can still happen. When it does, visit our Chevrolet service center in Newburgh, NY, to get your vehicle serviced. Visit Barton Chevrolet to learn more about vehicle safety.

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