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Proper tire care is a critical part of vehicle maintenance that can affect your safety, fuel mileage, and much more. Barton Chevrolet is here to walk you through tire maintenance basics, and to shed some light on how important proper tire pressure really is. For top quality car service in Newburgh, go see your local experts as Barton Chevrolet.

Tire Pressure

How often do you check your tire pressure? The answer should be monthly. Depending on where you live, what kind of tires you have, and how often you drive, your tires may lose anywhere between 1-3psi per month naturally without any leaks. Tire pressure is also critical for your fuel economy. Tires that are inflated too low take too much effort to get moving and cost you extra gas. Be careful however, as tires that are inflated too much are at risk of a blowout. As the tires get moving, the air inside warms up and that extra expansion can cause too much stress on the rubber.

Tire Condition

Newburgh weather and road conditions can be unpredictable. Keeping good quality tires on our vehicle is how you ensure you safety. Tires that have thin tread or are damaged are at risk of a blowout or leaving you stranded. Thin tread also gets less traction and can provoke sliding and a lack of control. You can avoid these potentially dangerous situations by always keeping on eye on your tires. You will want to look for uneven tread wear, thin tread, damage to the side walls, and excess air leakage.

Tire Balancing

As tires wear down, they can wear unevenly due to the weight in the vehicle and how it is distributed, what condition your suspension components are in, and what your tires are driving over. To keep this wear as even as possible, wheel weights are added to compensate and redistribute the forces evenly. The end result is less vibration, less shaking, and a smoother ride. Balance your tires several times a year.

Tire Maintenance Tips

• Check your tire pressure monthly. Set a date in your phone or calendar to help you remember. Soon it will become habit, and you will develop an eye that can easily tell when something is wrong.

• Try Nitrogen. The newest trend in tire inflation involves the use of nitrogen instead of normal air. Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen, and therefore are far less likely to leak naturally through the rubber like normally inflated tires do.

• Have you tires balanced every time the seasons change. This is a good rule of thumb to live by as wheel weights can fall off while driving.

• Always keep your spare tire properly inflated. When you check your tire pressure, you should be checking 5 tires, not 4.

Proper tire inflation is the easiest, cheapest, and most important day-to-day aspect of maintaining your vehicles safety. When the time comes to purchase new tires, you can find a large selection of tires and other car services in Newburgh at Barton Chevrolet.

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